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phase 1 release

From $462,000*

now selling:
phase 1 release

From $449,000*

Chapel Hill Stage 1 - The Promontory

87 beautifully crafted apartments coming to South Como, Perth

The Promontory is the first stage of development for Chapel Hill, coming soon to South Como. Located to capture panoramic views across the Swan and Canning Rivers, The Promontory apartments will bring Art Deco style and a new era of residential excellence to this premium suburb.

Be part of this premium community from just $462k. Now selling off-the-plan in the pre-construction phase.

905 Kitchen The Promontory
Artist Impression of Kitchen

Residences built for your lifestyle

Limited time, access the Pre-Construction Stamp Duty Concession – up to 100% off duty costs up to $50,000*.

With wellness and comfort a key design focus, home at the Promontory has been designed to maximise internal space, create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas and to optimise sunlight and views.

Interiors are enhanced with bespoke joinery, considered storage, comfortable and efficient lighting and air-conditioning. A beautifully crafted blend of traditional and contemporary design creates a modern twist on the Art Deco aesthetic.

The Promontory Phase 1 release features a select range of 1 and 2-bedroom apartment designs, with 3-bedroom apartments being released in Phase 2.

Artist Impression of Balcony and Living
phase 1 release

Affordable Luxury

The Promontory offers thoughtfully distributed one and two bedroom apartments from $462,000 in the Phase 1 Release.

Meticulously planned to ensure maximum spatial efficiency, providing ample storage, extended living areas, generously sized bedrooms for your comfort, with selected residences offering dedicated work from home spaces. Each luxurious residence includes an outdoor balcony or winter garden extending from indoor living areas.

All one bedroom apartments with car bays are now fully sold.

All Phase 1 Release apartments qualify for the Pre-Construction 100% Stamp Duty Concession up to $50,000*

phase 1 release options:
Artist Impression of Kitchen and Dining
phase 2 release

Elevated Premium Residences

Nestled optimally across the three upper floors, our Phase 2 Release will feature a premium range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with  picturesque views of the Swan and Canning River, Como, and the vibrant Perth CBD District.

All three-bedroom apartments will be available to purchase in our Phase 2  release.

phase 2 release options:
apartment availablility

Explore all apartments

Phase 1
Phase 2
Filter by no. beds
Filter by no. beds
AvailabilityApartment No.FloorAspectBedBathCar BaysPriceInternal sqm
101Floor 1West11060 sqmDownload Floorplan
102Floor 1West11052 sqmDownload Floorplan
103Floor 1North22197 sqmDownload Floorplan
104Floor 1North West11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
105Floor 1North West11041 sqmDownload Floorplan
106Floor 1North West11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
107Floor 1North West11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
108Floor 1North West11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
109Floor 1North East22183 sqmDownload Floorplan
110Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
111Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
112Floor 1South East11055 sqmDownload Floorplan
113Floor 1South East11054 sqmDownload Floorplan
114Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
115Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
116Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
117Floor 1South East11042 sqmDownload Floorplan
118Floor 1South22186 sqmDownload Floorplan
201Floor 2West11162 sqmDownload Floorplan
202Floor 2North West22184 sqmDownload Floorplan
203Floor 2North West221$889,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
204Floor 2North221$849,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
205Floor 2North East221$825,00073 sqmDownload Floorplan
206Floor 2South East110$462,00056 sqmDownload Floorplan
207Floor 2South East11053 sqmDownload Floorplan
208Floor 2South East221$865,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
209Floor 2South East221$865,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
210Floor 2South11054 sqmDownload Floorplan
301Floor 3West11059 sqmDownload Floorplan
302Floor 3North West221$879,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
303Floor 3North West221$879,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
304Floor 3North221$858,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
305Floor 3North East221$839,00073 sqmDownload Floorplan
306Floor 3South East110$499,00057 sqmDownload Floorplan
307Floor 3South East110$489,00053 sqmDownload Floorplan
308Floor 3South East221$879,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
309Floor 3South East221$879,00078 sqmDownload Floorplan
310Floor 3South11154 sqmDownload Floorplan
401Floor 4West11159 sqmDownload Floorplan
402Floor 4North West221$895,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
403Floor 4North West222$935,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
404Floor 4North221$871,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
405Floor 4North East221$849,00073 sqmDownload Floorplan
406Floor 4South East110$510,00057 sqmDownload Floorplan
407Floor 4South East110$535,00053 sqmDownload Floorplan
408Floor 4South East221$895,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
409Floor 4South East221$895,00078 sqmDownload Floorplan
410Floor 4South11154 sqmDownload Floorplan
501Floor 5West11159 sqmDownload Floorplan
502Floor 5North West221$925,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
503Floor 5North West222$959,00084 sqmDownload Floorplan
504Floor 5North221$894,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
505Floor 5North East221$855,00073 sqmDownload Floorplan
506Floor 5South East110$520,00057 sqmDownload Floorplan
507Floor 5South East110$520,00053 sqmDownload Floorplan
508Floor 5South East221$920,00079 sqmDownload Floorplan
509Floor 5South East221$920,00078 sqmDownload Floorplan
510Floor 5South11054 sqmDownload Floorplan
Filter by no. beds
Filter by no. beds
AvailabilityApartment No.FloorAspectBedBathCar BaysMotorcycle BaysInternal sqm
905Floor 9South3220120 sqmDownload Floorplan
904Floor 9South East222083 sqmDownload Floorplan
903Floor 9South East222089 sqmDownload Floorplan
902Floor 9North West3220103 sqmDownload Floorplan
901Floor 9North West322096 sqmDownload Floorplan
807Floor 8South111054 sqmDownload Floorplan
806Floor 8South East222079 sqmDownload Floorplan
805Floor 8South East222079 sqmDownload Floorplan
804Floor 8South East222085 sqmDownload Floorplan
803Floor 8East222078 sqmDownload Floorplan
Artist Impression of Living and Wintergarden

Introducing the Winter Garden

For additional luxury, select one and two bedroom apartments feature a winter garden, providing an extendable indoor/outdoor space you can use any time of the year.

Openable facades allow for a transformative living area, optimizing natural light and air ventilation, creating a bright and airy extension of your home.

Artist Impression of Living and Wintergarden
colour schemes

Simple & elegant interior aesthetics

During the pre-construction phase, The Promontory apartment collection offers a choice from two colour palettes which both embody rich texture and natural tones.

The interior aesthetic reflects colour palettes with a sense of simplicity and elegance, evident in natural and built attributes co-existing along the riverbanks of the Swan and Canning Rivers.

Once construction commences, there will be a limited time frame for colour scheme selection. 


A textured warm white palette reflecting the
sandy banks of the Swan and Canning Rivers.


A textured grey palette reflecting the historical
timber jettys and bridges dotted along the

Shoreline Kitchen Scheme
Shoreline SchemeWharfside

Disclaimer: The finishes shown represent standard finishes in both interior schemes.


Explore The Promontory

Use our interactive floorplan tool below to explore each floor of the Promontory.


Premium Finishes & Fixtures


Common Area Lighting Control
Motion sensors and timers to common areas to reduce energy consumption.

PV Solar System
Solar PV system for offsetting power consumption.

EV Charging
EV charging available in basement common area parking.


Security & Access

Audio & visual intercom system for controlling access for each individual apartment.

Apartment Access
Levels 2 – 6: Keyed access to apartment entry.
Levels 7 – 9: Keyless access to apartment entry doors

CCTV cameras to vehicle, pedestrian entry points and common areas.

Complex Features

5 Star green star rated building.

Landscaped areas on ground floor and across all common areas.

Visitor Parking
Visitor parking located in the basement carpark.

Bin Stores
Bin stores located at ground level.



Benchtops & Splashbacks
Levels 2 – 6: Reconstituted stone benchtop in selected finish.
Levels 7 – 9: Terrazzo stone benchtop in selected finish.

European appliances: Electric oven, ceramic cooktop, integrated rangehood and integrated dishwasher

Levels 2 – 8: Porcelain tiles in selected finish.
Level 9: Engineered timber flooring with acoustic underlay.


Levels 2 – 6: Wall hung vanity with basin and with storage under. Tiled capping to wall ledge.
Levels 7 – 9: Bespoke vanity with storage under and terrazzo top. Terrazzo capping to wall ledge

Floor Tiling
Quality porcelain tiles in selected finish.

Wall Tiling
Porcelain tiles in selected finish.

Levels 2 – 6: Full height wall tiling to shower/ bath only. Remaining perimeter tiled to 1.2m high with paint wall finish over to ceiling.
Levels 7 – 9: Full height wall tiling to entire Bathroom and Ensuite.


Upgrade Options

Engineered Timber Flooring
Levels 2 – 8:  Kitchen, Living, Dining and Corridors, with acoustic underlay

Integrated Fridge
Miele fridge including cabinetry and door handles.

Lighting Package
Feature pendant lights and concealed LED lighting in kitchen and bathroom.

Free Standing Bathtub
Applicable in lieu of shower. Upgrade applicable to select floorplans.

Disclaimer: These specifications were produced prior to construction and while the information contained herein is believed to be correct, it is not guaranteed.

Explore your upgrade options

Kitchen Pendant Light Over Island Bench

Concealed LED Lighting to Underside of Overhead Cabinetry

Terrazzo Stone Benchtop

Terrazzo Stone Splashback

Engineered Timber Flooring to levels 2-8 (kitchen, dining, living and corridors)

Wall Mounted Lamp

Concealed LED Lighting to
Underside of Vanity

Concealed LED Lighting to
Underside of Mirrors

Bespoke Vanity & Basin with
Terrazzo Stone Benchtop &

Disclaimer: The finishes shown represent upgrade finishes in the shoreline interior scheme. Upgrade options are available for a limited time during the pre-construction phase.

Download Floorplans

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Download Specifications

Complete the form below to request The Promontory specifications.

Unit 905

Total Area: 150m2

Unit 904

Total Area: 110m2

Unit 903

Total Area: 141m2

Unit 902

Total Area: 127m2

Unit 901

Total Area: 122m2

Unit 804

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 120m2

Unit 807

Total Area: 79m2

Unit 806

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 95m2

Unit 805

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 93m2

Unit 803

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 802

Total Area: 128m2

Unit 801

Total Area: 122m

Unit 702

Total Area: 155m2

Unit 706

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 96m2

Unit 707

Total Area: 79m2

Unit 704

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 127m2

Unit 705

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 95m2

Unit 703

Total Area: 129m2

Unit 701

Total Area: 144m2

Unit 605

Total Area: 90m2

Unit 610

Total Area: 79m2

Unit 609

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 608

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 607

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 64m2

Unit 606

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 71m

Unit 604

Total Area: 97m2

Unit 601

Total Area: 67m2

Unit 603

Total Area: 103m2

Unit 602

Total Area: 105m2

Unit 508

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 510

Total Area: 83m2

Unit 509

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 507

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 64m2

Unit 506

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 71m

Unit 505

Total Area: 90m2

Unit 504

Total Area: 97m2

Unit 503

Total Area: 103m2

Unit 502

Total Area: 105m2

Unit 501

Total Area: 67m

Unit 410

Total Area: 79m2

Unit 409

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 408

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 92m2

Unit 407

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 64m2

Unit 406

With Wintergarden

Total Area: 71m

Unit 405

Total Area: 91m2

Unit 404

Total Area: 97m2

Unit 403

Total Area: 103m2


Unit 402

Total Area: 105m2

Unit 401

Total Area: 67m


Unit 310

Total Area: 79m2


Unit 309

With Wintergarden